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BAAAP is proud to host Mental Health and Palliative Care through Ayurveda & Music Therapy on 28th May 2023. See details below

Mental Health and Palliative Care through Ayurveda & Music Therapy

BAAAP is proud to host ‘Mental Health and Palliative Care through Ayurveda & Music Therapy’ on 28th May 2023 1-5pm, by Dr Shubham Kulkarni. If you would like to attend, please register on the link below.…/ayurveda-and-music…

The workshop will be held at the YMCA Indian Student Hostel, SDM Conference Hall with a maximum capacity of 25 people (in person tickets). Online tickets are also available to join the workshop on a zoom call.

A brief synopsis:

– The session will start with the Omkar & Lord Dhanwantari Stavan Chanting
– Mental Health care through Ayurveda; with references from Vedas, Bhagvad Geeta & Ayurvedic texts in relation to the Mental Health aspect and care
– Origin of Indian classical music from Vedas; references to music therapy in different health conditions in Ayurveda and modern science with detailed explanation about music therapy – how to use it and how to choose it
– Raga System of Indian classical music and its importance as a music therapy in various health conditions
– Palliative care aspect through Ayurveda; end of life care of patients diagnosed with Cancer & Neurological disorders, and the importance of the use of music therapy sessions for the patients and caretakers
– Dr Shubham’s studies and research of music therapy on the basis of Ayurvedic Principles
– Finally, a demonstration of music therapy by singing some ragas with explanation of how the Ragas can deal with the mental and emotional factor in all

An Introduction to Panchabhautika Chikitsa

The Panchamahabhutas are the 5 primary physical forces in the universe, prthvi, jala, agni, vayu and akash. They are better understood by their qualities and actions for example, prthvi is heavy and has downward action. With a firm foundation in the classical texts, Panchabhautik Chikitsa was developed by the late Vaidyaraj A. V. Datar Shastriji, and can be considered as a practical branch of Ayurveda based on the Panchamahabhutas offering a new dimension of examination and treatment through a unique method of organ symptomatology, diagnosis and treatment formulation.

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