Conditions of Membership

Membership is offered under the following categories:

Full Member

These are qualified individual Clinicians and Practitioners holding a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (BAMS) degree from a recognised Indian or Sri Lankan University, or a University outside India which has been professionally accredited. This category also includes Practitioners holding a BA (Hons) degree in Ayurvedic Studies or a BSc (Hons) degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and who have completed their clinical Internship requiring a minimum of 1000 hours of clinical training at a recognised Ayurvedic teaching hospital or training institute in India or in UK/Europe.

Associate Member

This category includes Medical doctors who have special interest in Ayurveda as well as fully qualified Ayurvedic doctors based outside UK; these include healthcare providers such as a GP, Clinician or Clinician Assistant, Naturopaths, Overseas Ayurvedic Doctors, Complimentary Therapists, Herbalists, Integrated Healthcare Practitioners or Providers, including Physicians in special interest areas related to Ayurvedic / Complimentary Medicine Practice or working in collaborative partnership within the healthcare sector.

Therapist Member

Therapists working independently or in the capacity of physician assistants alongside / under the guidance of Ayurvedic Doctors and Practitioners such as qualified Panchakarma Therapist, Ayurvedic Massage Therapist, Dietician and Wellness Counsellor. Therapist membership may also be granted to qualified Complementary Therapists with special interest in providing Ayurvedic Therapies as part of their holistic practice providing they have been granted accreditation for such practices by the awarding body or recognised Ayurvedic Institution.

Student Member

Students on an undergraduate degree programme in Ayurveda at an approved university in the UK/Europe as well as Internees (as stipulated above in the category of Full members).

Friends of BAAAP

Any person interested in Ayurveda and supportive of BAAAP; these are affiliate and supporting members of the general public having special interest in Ayurvedic Healthcare including those who have attended seminars and workshops organised by BAAAP.

Full Life Member

Life membership conferred to any person that donates a one-off fee for full life membership as specified below. If the individual also holds an adequate Ayurveda degree (as specified for a Full Member above) then they will also have full privileges and voting rights within BAAAP like a Full Member.

Friends for Life Member

Friends of BAAAP membership offered on a Life basis to any person that donates a one-off fee for friends for life membership as specified below.

Honorary Member

Recognising individuals on the basis of their career achievement in Health and Wellbeing.

Life Member

Life membership is granted to Corporate Friends, Charities, Philanthropists and Sponsors with special philanthropical interest for social welfare who support the mission or cause of BAAAP in an ongoing annual commitment whether financial or otherwise.

It is a mandatory requirement for all members to have read and familiarised themselves with the BAAAP Code of Ethics (which can be found at the bottom of this page).

Membership Fees and Payment

Membership Fees
Full member – £90pa
Associate member – £90pa
(Concessionary rate of £48pa available to applicants based Overseas who work outside Europe/USA)
Therapist – £70pa
Student member – £32pa
Friends of BAAAP – £37pa
Full Life member – £1000 (one-off fee)
Friends for Life – £100 (one-off fee)

Other fees: For additional promotional material, advertising and specialised links to practitioner and supplier websites, enquire within.

Benefits of BAAAP Membership​


Since 1997, BAAAP has been lobbying the British and other European governments for the recognition of Ayurveda as a distinct and independent system of healthcare with full statutory recognition of Ayurvedic practitioners. BAAAP will continue to further secure the future of Ayurveda in this country and to protect your interests as an Ayurvedic practitioner.


Receive up to date information about current legislation applicable to Ayurveda in the UK.

Receive regular updates on Herbal Medicine Regulation for OTC and Prescription Ayurvedic medicine along with a list of approved manufacturers and suppliers (where applicable).
Guidance on code of conduct & ethics: issues on safety, professional accountability and practice.
Discounted Professional Liability Insurance available to Full and Associate BAAAP Members.
Continuing Professional Development events on regular basis at special rates will include lectures, seminars and workshops with a clinical focus.
Conferences/other Ayurveda events on broader Ayurveda issues.
Regular meetings and opportunity to exchange practical knowledge with other Ayurvedic practitioners.
Opportunities for Full & Associate members to stand for elections for posts in the Executive Committee. All members have voting privileges.
Free listing on BAAAP’s website
Free Live Access to BAAAP hosted Webinars

Discounts from suppliers of various products


Affiliation to British Ayurvedic Medical Council (BAMC)

BAAAP has negotiated a very reasonable annual Professional Liability Insurance fee of £51 pa for its members (£74 if Basti is also included as a therapy and another £15 for legal expenses which is optional). This is with Holistic Insurance Services

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Tel: 01327 354 249

Note: To avail of discounted rates a current annually BAAAP approved membership certificate will be required.

Professional Liability Insurance